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So my Inu Yasha costume arrived today. It's really cool I like the fact that I can choose to wear the pants and the undershirt or all of it. And it even comes with the necklace. The one thing is that I'm gonna have to get sandles for the costume, I probably won't be able to find nude colored sandles but eh, I'll figure out something. 


So I finnally got my tattoo. It's only the outline right now cause that was all I could afford. But my tattoo artist was very nice, his name was Bobby and he learned quickly that I flinch when people touch my back so he would touch my back and than start. 

So yes it's on my upper back and it's pretty huge, which I love. And I know, I know, that tattoo can damage you chances in getting roles. But I've wanted this tattoo ever since I saw the desing, which is my LJ icon "Love as thou wilt" I'm going to have to go back to get it colored, so will probably hurt really badly cause it's on my spine. But so far everyone who's seen it, basiclly my gaming group, said that they loved it. 

So pictures are pending, I just want to wait till it's more healed to take any picutres of it. But I'm happy with it. 

Even if my mama isn't.


Happy Birthday Tazira


Found my Waking State CD, so one of those will be coming soon...also probably a couple of Moj's solo songs. So enjoy

Oh and sorry for the bervity and the mispelled words...I've been up for almost 24 hours and my mama just have surgury, so I'm a little emotionally fragile.


The Video Card Works, and the Sound Card Works, and The CD Drive works and IT ALL WORKS!!

It's georgous!! It's so clear and nice and everything and it's fun. 

I think it's time for me to change my icons now that I have a new computer. 

I think a mix, a little anime, one Hotspur, a Robin Hood one, maybe a Harry Potter.  So yeah. 

Anyone want a glorifide DVD player.....you'll just have to make sure that you get the disc that stuck in there back to me....it was my mom's christmas present.


Ty and Roddy this is just of you guys. I saw it and instantly thought of you two.
How I love thee.....that is all!!