Romeo and Juliet Cast

Role Actors

Romeo Mike Dombroski
Juliet Emma Conway
Mercutio Jaki Demarest
Benvolio Evan Ockershausen
Tybalt Craig Laurence
Paris Mike Sachs
Lord Capulet Calvin Smith
Lady Capulet Jeanne Louise
Nurse Rachel Duda
Friar Laurence Michael Galizia
Lady Montague Amy Davis
Prince Micah Chalmer
Balthasar/Juliet u/s Heather Martin
Friar John Emily McKinnion
Ensemble Jenna Hank
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Hey I need people for a get together, and while we are getting together how about we read through R&J to see if there is anything else that I can cut from the script.

If that sounds good e-mail me at rin.macdonald@gmail.com

Also if anyone would like to volunter their home for the get together e-mail me as well.

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King of cool


To get a picture commissoned from Garth artist/writer of Comedity of me and Reno from Final Fantasy 7. That way I can stare at it and drool, and look at myself in drawn in sexy anime style, macking on Reno. *goo* that would be SO HOT!

And also to get one of Human Inu and Kagome getting married for Dice and the boy for a little wedding present. I think that they would LOVE that. 

Okay Fan girl rampage over. Continue with life.

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Holy Shit

I ain't dead!!!

Well this post is because I HAVE MY F-ING PERMIT!!! WOOT!!! GO ME WITH THE BEEP BEEP!!!

Passed the test with flying colors, even though they've changed their mail rule so a whole bunch of things that use to count don't anymore. Thank goodness for credit card statements!  So anywho....

Stay off the sidewalks ya'll
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Christmas ROCKS!!

I am currently typing this on my new LAPTOP!! WHICH ROCKS!!! It is beautiful and sleek!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

And I got lots of tea and candy and I have TWO count them TWO karaoke machines. On is a normal one that playes the CDs and the other is the one for your Ipod. Of course I have not named them yet. But if you can imagine my Ipod machine will be staying at my house. However my other one (givin to me by my lovely boyfriend) can be transported to other places for karaoke parties if people would like. All we need to do is make sure that we have karaoke CDs.

I also got clothing like a Snape friend or foe shirt and a Fullmetal Alchemist shirt, and pajamas and a robe!!! MMMM loverly robe. I also got High School Musical 2 the extended edition!! YAY!! 

Okay that's all for me right now.

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For the first five people that reply to me and re-post this challenge, I will send you something.

It might be something I've made, or something cool from my hidden stash, it might be a mix CD - or a rubber duck, a book I think you will enjoy, or something else that is awesome. The gift will be tailored specifically to each person.

Whatever it is, I promise that I will get it to you in 365 days or less.

The only thing you need to do in order to participate is to be one of the first five to reply to this, AND post this very same thing on YOUR live journal - cause it's fun to give people prezzies! I'm all for frequent random presents.

YAY Stuff for people!! In other news I have gotten my halloween costume. It's a sexy Alice in Wonderland costume...so that should prove very fun! I still have to get the petticoat and underooes and a bra for the costume, but other than that I have the costume part and the shoes so all I need are the undergarments! HUZZAH FOR ME!! Maybe I'll get Greg to dress up like the Mad Hatter or the White Rabbit or something....that would be cute!!!  Okays later!!
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I slept for about 6 hours today, of course it was in the middle of the day so that kinda sucked. But I got up worked on the computer for a while and than I had to go to the store with my mother, which was oh so much fun.

Than I came home and made her and myself something to eat, than I got a call from Animekid and I talked to him till he got home, cause he had been watching horror movies and was alittle freaked out.

So than I played Silent Hill for about an hour and now I'm writing this while listening to Into The Woods, preparing for my audition for it.

And I still have packing to do for Otakon, so I have to wash things and pack and such. So that's what tommarow is going to be devoted to.
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