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I can return to reading LJ, cause I have finnally finished the book. 


That is all!!

Now you have 20 minutes to get caught up with everone, everywhere, doing everything!!!
*rush rush rush* NO WHERE DID MY LIFE GO!!
Yeah, I managed to finish it the next day by noon. I really shouldn't have stayed up all night doing that... it was worth it though.

This is an odd request, as I don't think I've made this one before. You seem like a really cool person. Would you mind terribly if I friended you? It's fine if you wouldn't care for it. It's fine even if you didn't wish to friend me back. Just reply here if you get around to it or on one of my public posts. In any case, here's to more great fantasy novels!
OMG I wouldn't mind you friending me, anyone who loves Harry Potter and has a Hippie Infernomancer icon has to be hella cool!!!
Thank you so very much! I really do quite appreciate it! Friended back and such. I must get back to packing now :).